Before starting to create the site of your dream, you need to understand what it should be like, what purposes it will serve for and what category of people will be targeted. We understand how important it is for you to get a suitable site. There is a list of different types of websites that we can create for you.

Regular website

This type of the site has a fairly simple structure without any specifics. It is mainly designed to provide information about the company or the person and advertising.

Corporate website

This type of the site is usually created for companies. It includes information about the company, the scope of activities, products and services. This is a platform for the formation, search for new employees, partners and customers.


This is your online portfolio. It is created to represent the results of the work of one person or a team. It is an ideal solution for representatives of such professions as artist, photographer, etc., because such a site is a creative example of self-promotion.

Personal site

This is a great way to express yourself if you are an individual entrepreneur. The information can be very different, because this site is for an individual: either the biographical information, or the information about services.


Virtual diary. The site is updated more often than other types of sites, and there is a possibility to add new information regularly. It looks like the author is talking to his/her readers, visitors can post comments and they are shown on the site.

Landing page

Advertising landing page, focused mainly on sale of the product or the service.


Information portal. Your personal online publication created for publishing news. Such a site has always a large volume through constantly updated content.


The site is designed for online discussions. Visitors fill it in through the creation of topics for discussion.

Custom website

If you have not found a suitable type of the site in the list, we also give you the opportunity to create your unique and individual site with all your ideas and desires.

Remember that properly selected and well-made website is one of the most effective tools for achieving success in your field. Therefore, we hope that we could help you in choosing the most suitable site for you. If you need more information, don’t hesitate and contact us.

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