As we can see from our experience, most of those who need a website are not specialists in this field. That’s why they can either give up the idea to develop their business in this direction, or be disappointed in unjustified hopes.

There are several common myths about websites that we would like to deal with.

1. Creating a website is very expensive

At this stage, there are different types of pages that do not require a large amount of money to create. Our experts can create a website for you for a reasonable price, depending on what you need.

2. It is not effective

Of course, you can run your business without a website. That’s possible. But is it possible to refuse such benefits – to be available at any time anywhere?

3. The presence of a website does not guarantee an increase in the client base

Of course, if you do nothing with your site, the result will be minimal. But just think, you’re open to the world. With a good approach to business, you can expect to attract more people interested in your business without a huge effort.

4. You need to learn a lot of specialized information to run successful website

You, as a customer, do not need any additional knowledge to create a website, because the developers will do everything for you. Current technologies allow you to manage the site in just one click.

5. After creating a site, you can do nothing

It’s wonderful to be open to the world, but there are many more pages like yours. And then the question arises how not to get lost in this huge crowd. Therefore, you certainly need to maintain the site and comments, interact with your audience, write interesting content for posts. It’s all marketing.

6. Computer / Internet are required

Our team can take care of your website. You can simply receive calls from customers from a site that works around the clock.

7. The need for new qualified and expensive employees

You don’t need to recruit new staff to support your site. We can provide you a great support, powerful copywriting and all the necessary updates. It’s much cheaper than to hire the team of professionals.

8. I'm afraid of being deceived

No one is insured from this. But that shouldn’t prevent you from being more productive. Moreover, there are many companies that can be trusted. Soon we’ll write the article about how to choose the agency for site development.

9. Design is the most important thing

Good design really catches the eye. But a convenient and fast site with clear functionality is much more important. Everything is important.

10.You can create the site yourself

You really can. You can spend a lot of effort and money and eventually get a bad product. Therefore, it is better to trust the specialists.

We hope that the received information was useful and clear for you. If you have any questions or proposals, write them here.

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