When I talk to people and they find out what I do, very often I hear questions: “I am a private entrepreneur and my business has nothing to do with the Internet. Do I even need a website?”


“Our company is big enough. We are well-known in our city, and we don’t do deliveries to other cities or countries. Why do we need a website?”

And so I decided to investigate whether there is still some categories of business which don’t need the website.

If You Are

a regular person, not a business owner

For you, developing a website can be an opportunity to start a personal project or to find a promising job. The site becomes as a CV, but more attractive with different photos, stories, freedom in the utterance. The larger your site is, the greater will be the radius of your influence. So, think ahead - start increasing that radius now.

If You Are

entrepreneur or small business offline

For you, website development is a way of advertising, an effective way to express yourself, while you do not need to hire an advertising department and pay a lot of money. This is the presence of new customers and the creation of the market. And it does not matter whether you work online or offline, new clients are always a profit. If you work locally, you can use marketing and targeting to attract customers in your country or city.

If You Are


For you - it is a way to strengthen customer relationships and expand the customer base. I don't think there's one Corporation that doesn't have a web page. Does it make- you think? The Corporation is a Corporation because it is open to millions around the world and has offices in different countries. How to combine this into one? Web site.

If You Are


For you, this is definitely an advantage because the Internet is the environment of your influence and business. Less costs, no barriers. No need for locations in physical world. You are like an open shop anywhere in the world at any moment and with a reasonable promotion in the social networks your opportunities become unlimited.

I think the answer is obvious. Whatever you do, the website will be your loyal assistant. Sometimes it seems that it is expensive and money can be invested in something else, but! calculate how much you save on advertising and sales department!

Contact us and we will help you to make the right choice and will answer all your questions!

Tanya M

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