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From your idea that just came to your mind to a fully finished website of your dream, and, of course, great technical support of the project.

We Are Sure You Want To Know Who We Are

First Devs – is a team of professionals with high european quality standards. We love team work where everybody knows its role, where a customer is the same team player as a developer. We are customer oriented and your result is very important to us and that’s why we always choose individual approach for specifically your business.

We offer integrated solutions for you business: from logo design to a fully developed company project, testing of website and making money out of your idea. Combining IT skills and innovations we will bring your product into a newer and better level.

Our services


Color and size matter! Also Logo, fonts and good pictures are important as well. The other key to success is the unity and harmony of all elements plus intuitively easy and user-friendly navigation.


Knowing your goals and needs we quickly move from the idea to an action discussing in between results and testing finished project from A to Z.


Without exaggeration it is the most important part of a successful business. And it is not enough just to attract the audience, but it is also important to keep it "warm", slowly and step by step bring it closer to “make a purchase”


It will take years and thousands of dollars to have a perfect product. So it is better less - but better! We realize that there is always something you would like to improve and we are ready to help you at any stage of the project.

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Who needs a website?


I have my own business so why do I need a website?

We live in IT Technology world which grows rapidly. If you have business but do not have a website you are losing a lot of clients. But it is not only about it. Many people beside searching goods also read a feedback about the company.

Ok, I am ready to order a website from you but I don’t have anything, neither logo nor business cards. So, what is more important a website or a branding?

Branding – is the face of your company. Website – is the ability to get more clients, become more popular, and to reach a better reputation. It is hard to choose and say what is more important. We will help you to create a quality branding and to build a reliable beautiful website.

I want a unique website but you build them on a WordPress. Won’t it be the same as other million ones on internet?

We have such service as Web design. With its help we can build absolutely unique website based on your desires. You choose everything: from the pictures to the color of the icons. Only then we build a website on a WordPress which will be absolutely unique based on your desires!

Is it necessary to make a web design before web development or we can be without it?

If you don’t need super difficult design with lots of animated pages than we can gladly provide you with ready templates so you can choose what you like and we will change it for you. But it is impossible to be without design at all as you still need different icons, pictures, graphics and logo.

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